Confirmation on the Breakout

By February 26, 2015August 9th, 2016Weekly Market Observations (Archives)

By James Dondero | February 26, 2015

  • Stocks remain strong, with indices such as the Value Line and Russell 2,000 Small Cap Index now confirming last week’s breakout in the S&P and NASDAQ. While volume has been on the light side and all could certainly pull back and test their breakouts, this strength may be bullish longer term.
  • Yields however, continued to battle at important areas of resistance on the charts. 2% to 2¼% on the 10-yr. US T-Note is an area investors have chosen to buy bonds in the past, and doing so again here could take money from stocks, and help the averages noted above test their breakouts.
  • Finally, the overseas markets remain mostly positive as well, with those in Europe, Japan and India the most bullish. This strength has finally spread to China, with the FXI (China Large-Cap 25 ETF) ‘breaking-out’ this week.

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